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Leicester City has a strong momentum this season. The first 3 rounds of the Premier League have maintained a complete victory. In the most recent game, they even slaughtered Manchester City, which is the number one odds to win, 5-2. Leicester City have a total of 3 rounds. Scored 12 goals and only lost 4 goals. With a goal difference advantage, Liverpool ranked first in the Premier League. Vardy tied with Lewin for the top scorer list in the Premier League with 5 goals. Among them, Vardy scored 5 goals. Four of the balls were penalty kicks, but of these four penalty kicks, three of them were made by Vardy himself. Vardy became the player with the most penalties and penalty kicks in the Premier League.

莱斯特城本赛季势头强劲。英超联赛的前3轮都保持了完整的胜利。在最近的比赛中,他们甚至屠杀了曼城,获胜的几率是5-2。莱斯特城共有3轮。攻入12球,仅输4球。利物浦凭借进球差异优势在英超联赛中排名第一。 Vardy与Lewin并列5个进球,成为英超联赛最佳射手榜。其中,瓦迪打进5球。其中有四个球是罚球,但在这四个罚球yobo体育app中,三个球是瓦尔迪本人制造的。 Vardy成为英超联赛中罚分和罚球次数最多的球员。

Leicester City has signed Atlanta defender Castagne and Roma future Nebula Nebula in this summer window. The former played the full game in Leicester City’s first three Premier League games and performed well. , Sent a total of 2 assists and scored 1 goal. The efficiency of producing one goal per game has conquered Leicester City fans. In addition to Castagne, left-back Justin also played well. In the three Premier League games of the new season, he also played the entire game and scored a goal. His defensive data is 3 steals per game. And 2 interceptions, in the game where Leicester City beat Manchester City 5-2, Justin contributed 6 steals, which is higher than all the players present.

莱yobo体育app斯特城已经在这个夏天的窗口中签下了亚特兰大后卫卡斯塔涅和罗马未来的星云星云。前者在莱斯特城的前三场英超联赛中打满了比赛,表现出色。 ,总共送出2次助攻并进球1个进球。每场比赛打进一个进球的效率征服了莱斯特城球迷。除了卡斯塔涅外,左后卫贾斯汀也表现出色。在新赛季的三场英超联赛中,他还yobo体育app参加了整个比赛并打入一球。他的防守数据是每场3次抢断。在莱切斯特城5-2击败曼城的比赛中,贾斯汀贡献2次拦截,贾斯汀贡献6次抢断,高于所有在场球员。

Leicester City's performance this season seems to have some shadows of winning the championship that year. Defensive players are stable. Midfielder Praett and Thielemans are both selected for the new Belgian national team. Now there is good news and bad news for Leicester City. The good news is that they have found Kanter’s stand-in-Endidi. Since joining the team in 2017, Endidi has played with the team 3 In the Premier League of the last season, in the 2018-2019 season, he ranked second in the Premier League with 145 steals. In the 2019-2020 season, he tied for the first place in the Premier League with Manchester United right back Wan Bisaka with 129 steals. The bad news is that Endidi hurt his groin against Burnley. Team coach Rogers said in an interview that Endidi will be injured for up to 12 weeks. For Sturt City, it was even worse.


However, unlike before, Vardy was only 28 years old in the 2015-2016 season, and he was surrounded by the then Premier League PFA best player Mahrez, but now Vardy is 33 years old, and only his helpers remain Under Harvey Barnes and Perez, in terms of strength, these two players do have a big gap with Mahrez. But there is another advantage for Leicester City that they do not have the Champions League but the Europa League, and they have strategically abandoned the English League Cup, and as for the Europa League, they may not care too much.


Manchester United, Chelsea, Tottenham, Manchester City, Arsenal, the results of the five teams have been unstable this season. Chelsea drew with West Brom. Manchester United defeated Brighton with a penalty kick after the game. Tottenham drew with Newcastle. Only Liverpool is still strong. Therefore, Liverpool is the biggest obstacle to Leicester City's championship. The two-round direct contest with Liverpool may affect the final ownership of the Premier League champion this season.


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