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【yobo体育app】转会窗关闭!疯狂烧钱后 中国足球真的进入了冷静期
名称:【yobo体育app】转会窗关闭!疯狂烧钱后 中国足球真的进入了冷静期

   Surging news reporter Song Chengliang


   On October 1, the last transfer window of the Super League of the season was officially closed. This last opportunity used by the championship group and relegation teams to reinforce the lineup, still did not see the arrival of a loud enough name.






  This time because of the third transfer window temporarily increased by the epidemic, who is the biggest foreign player in the Super League? This is really a difficult question to answer-big-name foreign aid, compared with previous years, really no one has met this standard.


   Really want to "pull the general from the short man", probably the new foreign aid Suarez of Tianjin TEDA and Shanghai SIPG midfielder Mu Yi.


   Porto’s striker Ticino Suarez was also considered by SIPG in the summer window last year, but in the end SIPG chose the bigger Anautović.

去年夏天,SIPG也考虑过波尔图的前锋Ticino Suarez,但最终SIPG选择了更大的Anautović。

   At that time, there were many European and American football players such as Salavi, Souza, Rondon, etc. who came to the Super League. This was the last madness of the Super League signings.



  Of course, in the past there would be situations where there were policies on the top and countermeasures on the bottom, but now the club can’t burn any money anymore——


From the top to the bottom of the unity of thinking, that matter is easy to handle-take Guangzhou Evergrande as an example, because of the huge investment in naturalized players, although Cannavaro has been shouting that foreign aid still has room for improvement and adjustment, but Hengda It is impossible to continue to spend huge sums of money to sign foreign aid.

从思想的顶部到底部,这件事很容易处理,以广州恒大为例,因为对归化球员的巨额投资,尽管卡纳瓦罗一直在喊外援仍然有改善和调整的空间。 ,但恒大不可能继续花费巨额资金签署外援。

Although Shenhua's performance was not good, it was possible that he could not make the top four and fall into the relegation group, but the foreign aid the club considered from the beginning to the end was the cost-effective foreign aid like Fidel Martinez and Miller Bolaños. .

尽管申花的表现不佳,但他有可能无法进入前四并降级,但俱乐部从始至终考虑的外援都是像菲德尔·马丁内斯和米勒这样的高性价比外援。博拉尼奥斯。 。

   And at this time last year, what are the levels of Jin Xinyu and Sarawi? Not to mention that Shenhua actually considered Bell at first...


   Shandong Luneng coach Li Xiaopeng shouted out the slogan of "net big fish" early, but in the end he was only waiting for Gerdes, the old face who was punished and excluded from the registration list because of his late return in the first stage.




   Newcomers are not well-known, but those who leave are not lack of big names.


The most interesting of these is the collective retreat of Guangzhou R&F’s two Israeli internationals Zahavi and Saba – R&F cannot meet Zahavi’s personal salary requirements. In this way, taking advantage of the European Union in September, the two sides broke up amicably. .

其中最有趣的是广州富力的两个以色列国脚扎哈维和萨巴的集体撤退–富力无法满足扎哈维的个人薪水要求。这样,双方利用了9月份的欧盟,友好地分手了。 。

   After Zahavi signed with Eindhoven, he was the fellow-town partner Saba that Zahavi proposed to the club and did not want to stay. He chose to join the UAE League to play.


Zahavi is R&F’s most reliable scorer in the past four years and the most stable scoring machine in the entire Super League. Although in terms of transfer fees, the value of 7 million US dollars when it first arrived was very cost-effective, but Zaha Wei's contribution to the league is no less than that of big names worth tens of millions of euros.


  Shenhua’s foreign aid Shalawi also returned to Europe, but for the time being, he has not yet found a home.


  As a marginal player of the Italian national team, Shalawi was unable to enter the national team roster during the UEFA Europa League. Under such circumstances, he still insisted on returning to China. It only shows that Shalawi does not want to play in Shenhua at least now.




   There is only news that Teixeira is still waiting for further news that he may be naturalized by the national football team.




   Affected by some objective conditions, some foreign players are unable to come to China to play. Coupled with the plug-and-play feature of the new players needed for the intensive schedule, the internal circulation of foreign players in the Super League teams this year is very obvious.


   Shenhua foreign aid Martins joined Wuhan Zall, SIPG foreign aid Ahmedov signed a contract with TEDA, and Guoan sublet the newly signed foreign aid Zhongwei Shunich to Henan Jianye.


   Guangzhou R&F has consecutively loaned two old Chinese Super players-Chongqing core Mezeevsky and Changchun Yatai forward Zivkovic. Of course, to some extent, this is also a measure for the club to cut expenses.




   In the eyes of Chongqing fans, this is the way for small teams to survive-there is nothing wrong with it in order to survive.


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